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Terms of Use

By using Masscoinex, accessing the website, or using any service provided by Masscoinex, you agree to the following terms of service. Continued use of the Masscoinex website demonstrates that you agree with our terms of service.

Throughout the following terms of service, Masscoinex may be referred to as "us", "our", "we", "the website", and "Masscoinex.com". Users of Masscoinex include but are not limited to registered members, as well as any visitor who uses the website in any way, shape or form. The term cryptocurrency may be used to describe any form of digital currency, including but not limited to Bitcoin and Litecoin.

By opening an account or accessing the Masscoinex Website, you agree to the following terms.

You accept both the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy

These policies may be changed at any time, with or without notice. It is your responsibility to regularly review the policies of Masscoinex.

You are atleast 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your country.

You accept that the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.) involves risk. Due to the constant price fluctuations, you may increase or lose value in your assets at any time.

You acknowledge that purchasing Bitcoin (or any other digital currency offered by Masscoinex) involves risk and you will not hold Masscoinex accountable for any gains or losses that you incur as a result.

In no circumstance shall Masscoinex be responsible for any loss that you incur.

Masscoinex does not provide, offer or exchange securities, investment contracts or any other form of financial instrument that may be considered by law to be a "security".

Masscoinex offers a marketplace for the buying and selling of Cryptocurrency. While we strive to ensure that marketplace is both fair and free, we cannot be held accountable for any form of "market manipulation" that may occur, whether it be within the Masscoinex marketplace, or in the cryptocurrency marketplace as a whole.

Users agree that cryptocurrency prices are often unpredictable and experience swings due to a variety of reasons, including government interference, market conditions and speculation.

Masscoinex does not set the current market price. The price of cryptocurrency units traded on the Masscoinex platform result directly from buy and sell orders placed by users.

Any trading decision based on information provided by Masscoinex shall be the responsibility of the user alone. Masscoinex assumes no responsibility for any action that is taken in the course of using the Masscoinex website or API.

Market information on Masscoinex is not delayed.

However, in the event of a network outage or similar situation, users acknowledge that Masscoinex bears no responsibility for any delays.

As a user of Masscoinex, you acknowledge that Masscoinex has no responsibility for any losses that you incur as a direct or indirect result of the website or any of our services.

Masscoinex is not a bank, and therefore is not protected by CDIC. Fundings, whether they be in a national currency or digital cryptocurrency are not protected by any government insurance policy.

Masscoinex is not a financial institution, bank, credit union, trust, or deposit business. We do not take deposits. We exist solely for the purposes of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

It is the user's responsibility to secure his or her Masscoinex account. Any loss that occurs as a result of negligent security practices, whether it be on the part of the user, or Masscoinex, will not be the responsibility of Masscoinex, its directors, associates or employees.

It is your responsibility to guard your password. Sharing your password with a third party constitutes a breach of this contract.

The Masscoinex website and any related service is provided "as is". We make no warranties, expressed or implied.

The content and services provided by Masscoinex are for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide legal, financial, tax, accounting or investment advice. We assume no liability for any information provided by our employees, directors, or affiliates, regardless of its accuracy. Any action taken by a user is their decision, and users absolve Masscoinex of any liability for any outcome that may occur.

Masscoinex is based in Toronto, Canada. We comply with all local laws. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they are in compliance with their local laws.

Any user that breaks any law in their jurisdiction of residence or nationality by using any service provided by Masscoinex shall be liable for any damages incurred by Masscoinex as a result.

Any user that breaks any law in their jurisdiction of residence or nationality by using any service provided by Masscoinex agrees to forfeit any assets within their Masscoinex account, at the discretion of Masscoinex or its employees.

If buying and selling Cryptocurrency is not legal in your country, do not use Masscoinex. Failure to comply with local laws may result in the loss of your account and any assets contained within.

In the event that Masscoinex or its directors face legal action as a result of your actions, you agree cover any damages, including legal fees, that Masscoinex incurs as a result.

To the full extent permitted by applicable law, You hereby agree to indemnify Masscoinex, and its partners against any action, liability, cost, claim, loss, damage, proceeding or expense suffered or incurred if direct or not directly arising from your use of Masscoinex or its services, or from your violation of these Terms of Use.

You agree not to copy any information from the Masscoinex website, without our permission, with the exception of the publicly available figures as found in our order book.

In no event shall Masscoinex or its associates, affiliates, or subsidiaries be liable for any damages, including damage for loss of data or profit, arising out of the use of the services of materials provided by Masscoinex, even if Masscoinex is negligent in any way.

You attest that you are not a criminal, are not associated with any criminal activity, and that all funds that are sent to Masscoinex are free from any criminal association, are not the proceeds of crime, and are not derived from any criminal activity.

Masscoinex reserves the right to modify, add or remove any article from these terms, at any time, and at our sole discretion.