About Us

Masscoinex.com is a fully automated platform, it gives user the access to Buy, Sell, Send, Receive bitcoin and over 100 + cryptocurrencies instantaneously unlike other cryptocurrency exchange. Our exchange is fast, efficient, cost effective and 100% secure. Our platform supports some of the most popular cryptocurrencies around the world.

Our platform strictly follows the security guidelines to prevent any fraud or theft of your assets and your personal documents submitted at the time of KYC validation. 

Our platform is uniquely built for making your daily cryptocurrency. Buying, Selling, Sending & Receivingseamless, flawless & easy.


Masscoinex, Inc. A Canadian, based organization founded as an offline cryptocurrency asset and liquidation company for all individuals and companies. Our unique service offering with or without kyc has made us very popular and well known around the world.


Masscoinex, Inc. gained a lot of popularity and support in the cryptocurrency asset and liquidation market and some of the big exchanges that we see today, still prefers cryptocurrency purchasing and liquidation from us. This has inspired us to go online and serve the world directly.


Masscoinex, Inc. decided to go online as a cryptocurrency exchange services for all individuals and companies. We decided to launch our own cryptocurrency exchange platform services worldwide, where anyone or everyone around the globe can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from our platform.


Masscoinex, Inc. Started creating the most unique and the most comprehensive exchange platform for the world. Which will serve user with a very user friendly interface, cost effective and most importantly. It will serve over 50+ cryptocurrencies on a single platform. Where users don’t need to bother finding several exchanges for several coins.


Masscoinex, Inc. Tested the platform for a whole one year, making sure that the system not only have a user friendly interface, but whether it has all the necessary security to prevent any loss or theft of our user’s assets. We did thorough testing with all types of cyber-attacks. But amazingly our system withstood all of it as per our expectations.


Masscoinex, Inc. Finally launched the global cryptocurrency exchange website named Masscoinex.com for the world. We have received a lot of applauds for our excellent 24X7 customer services, our 24X7 security, our 24X7 open market and our transaction & settlements time frame. Masscoinex.com, tends to always do more than your expectation. Which is why we’re called the world’s most preferred Cryptocurrency Exchange.


Masscoinex, Inc. Launched a newly upgraded and most comprehensive and a very userfriendly system. This system not only gives you access to 100+ cryptocurrencies, it also gives you all the features required under one platform to make your daily cryptocurrencies buying or selling a piece of cake.