Masscoinex exchange has a policy against money laundering and terrorism financing. It consists of:
Account verification: each user who want to pay in fiat currencies eg. CAD higher than $15.00/Day has to verify their account. To do that, the user has to send scans of an ID document and address confirmation document or go through instant KYC verification process through selfies. Verified account also means privileges that are not available for non-verified users. All collected data is kept on separate encrypted servers, that is inaccessible to anyone except the owners.
Deposit/Fiat: Masscoinex exchange adds deposits to the accounts only if their profile name, card on file matches.
Transfer delay or account blocking: According to our Terms of Use, we can block a deposit or an account if there might be suspicion of a crime.
One user, one account: According to our Terms of Use, one person can only own one Masscoinex account.