Security Features

    • Each time you log in to our system a “One time passcode (OTP)” would be sent to your registered email address. Which needs to be validated before you can gain access to your account.
    • Two factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process. This is optional and you can decide whether you would like to enable this. This works similar to (OTP or one time passcode). You would require the google authenticator mobile app in order to get this working.
      You can download this app by clicking here
  • Cold Storage Wallet:
    • Masscoinex has their own cold storage wallets which are automatically assigned to each users after the registration process are completed. All your cryptocurrency assets will remain secured under our cold storage wallets as long as you keep them. So your assets are secured no matter what!
  • 24*7 Surveillance:
    • As much as Masscoinex depends on technology. We always prefer human surveillance to be the most efficient you can call us old school if you like. But nothing is better than combining technology and human interference. We have a team of experts who are vigilant and are monitoring everything that happens on the platform 24X7. This practice eradicates 90% of the issue even before it turns to an issue. So be rest assured we are monitoring everything and nothing can fly pass us without us detecting it first.
  • Millitary Grade Security:
    • We don’t just use the term “Military Grade Security” for nothing. We do provide military grade security when it comes to your data, assets and funds. We regularly do routine check-up of our servers, we monitor transaction regardless of the type and if something looks suspicious we prevent complete access to the account and all of it transactions, until we are able to reach the account holder and confirm the actions. So Masscoinex.com is incomparable!