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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Masscoinex?

    Masscoinex is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can Buy, Sell, Send, Receive or Swap bitcoin and over 100+ cryptocurrencies easily and instantaneously with or without any KYC verification. From anywhere in the world.

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    How soon do i get my money once i sold the coins on Masscoinex.com?

    Once the cryptos are sold the fiat balance are instantaneously deposited under your fiat portfolio. All you have to do now, is withdraw your fiat by choosing your preferred withdrawal method.

    Please be advised, in order to withdraw fiat balance to your preferred withdrawal method you need to have at least 200.00 under your fiat portfolio.

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    Who can buy, sell, send, receive or swap cryptocurrencies on Masscoinex.com?

    Anyone and everyone can since we're global cyptocurrency exchange. It doesn't matter from which part of the world you're from. If you want to Buy, Sell, Send, Receive or Swap bitcoin and 100+ Cryptocurrencies. You just need to signup and get started.

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    What fiat currencies does Masscoinex.com supports?

    Masscoinex.com supports over 20 most popular fiat currencies. Checkout all of our fiat currency list and our fees by clicking the following link Fiat Currency List.

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    How long does it take for the KYC validation process?

    Upon successfully completing the KYC validation process online. It usually takes a few hours or a max 24 hours’ period. Unless, if we find any discrepancies with your submitted documents it may delay a bit longer.

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    What are the limitations for Non Kyc Program?

    You can only buy cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrencies or alt coins in order to this you must deposit cryptos first and then exchange it for another cryptocurrency on our platform. No fiat transactions of any sort are supported under the non kyc program.

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    Are there any limitation for KYC programs?

    There are no limitation under the kyc program. You can buy, sell, send, receive or even swap cryptocurrencies as much or as little instantaneously.

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    What Kyc documents do I need to provide and how do I submit the documents?

    The procedure to submit the documents will appear right after your have registered under the kyc program and have succesfully logged in to your account.


    Document 1: Please upload any government ID. Which has your photo, name, d.o.b, address and expiration date.

    Document 2: Take a clear selfie of yourself holding the same document that you just uploaded and upload it to our system. Make sure that both your face and the document are clearly visible and readable.

    Document 3: Take a clear selfie and then upload that photograph to our system. Please ensure that your face is clearly visible and that nothing blocks your face.

    Document 4: Write a note on a pice of paper by following the instruction provided on the platform and then take a selfie with the note and upload that on our system. make sure the note and your face are clearly visible and readable.

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    What fiat deposit or withdrawal method Masscoinex.com has?

    Masscoinex.com offers multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal methods:

    Deposit Methods:

    1) Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card Payments. (Worldwide) except India.

    2) PayPal Deposit: (Worldwide).

    3) Skrill Deposit: (Worldwide).

    4) Google Pay: (India) Only.

    5) Phonepe: (India) Only.

    6) Mobikwik: (India) Only.

    7) IMPS/RTGS/NEFT/UPI: (India) Only.

    8) Bank/Wire transfer: (Worldwide).

    9) Interac transfer: (Canada) Only.


    Withdrawal Methods:

    1) Bank/Wire Transfer: (Worldwide)

    2) IMPS/RTGS/NEFT/UPI: (India) Only.

    3) Interac transfer: (Canada) Only.

    4) PayPal withdrawal: (Worldwide).

    5) Skrill withdrawal: (Worldwide).

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    Why do i need to add my bank account. When i am not interested in withdrawing fiat/money?

    Adding a bank account or a withdrawal method is important. The reason being is that, we can't hold fiat in an account longer than 365 days according to the Aml policy. For any reason if you don't use your account for a maximum of 365 days, we consider such accounts as dormant or inactive, and any available fiat. Will be auto withdrawn and sent to the available method of withdrawal.

    Since, we have no other choice. But to obey the law and play by the rules. Therefore, adding a bank account is very important regardless of your trading pattern.