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All-new and one of a kind program called Intraweek, where individuals or businesses can trade their fiat money or cryptocurrencies and gain guaranteed returns every week despite whatever the market conditions. To tell you the truth this is an all new innovation for the cryptocurrency community, Intraweek is a one-of-a-kind program launched for the first time only by Masscoinex.com.

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    What is an Intraweek trade

    The term “intraweek trade” comes from the term “intraday trade” which is a common term in the stock market community. In simple words, intraday trading means that one buys and sell stocks on the same day. When you invest in Intraweek, your cryptocurrencies are traded throughout the week by our company’s top experienced brokers in the most promising markets. These brokers are dedicated to taking care of your entire trading program.

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    How can Masscoinex guarantee that they won’t lose my money?

    Our Intraweek program has no risk to the investor. Whether your dedicated broker failed or succeeded in making gains, you will still get your weekly guaranteed return and your initial investment amount remains intact.

    Furthermore, before you enroll in Intraweek, we will provide you with a legal contract detailing our commitments. It will be signed and stamped by our CEO for your assurance.

    If you feel like you are not happy with the program, your funds are not locked, and you can withdraw them at any time with no penalty.

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    Why should I trust Masscoinex and Intraweek?

    Masscoinex is a Fintrac licensed company, operating from Canada since 2011. We serve nearly 600,000 users across the globe and we are growing rapidly every day.

    Also, to give you a clear understanding and please be advised that your invested funds are always at your disposal, your funds are never locked. Therefore, at any time you feel you’re not happy you can withdraw all of your funds with just a few clicks anywhere in the world.

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    How much do I make on my investment?

    Masscoinex has five levels of investments for Intraweek. The values in the chart below, as with all Masscoinex investments, are in Canadian Dollars. Our contracts are a maximum of one year and an investor can only have one contract at any given time. The returns are based on a floating rate and are subject to change at anytime but with a prior intimation.

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    Who can invest in Intraweek?

    We have no border restrictions so anyone can join this program from anywhere in the world.

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    How do I deposit funds if I want to invest fiat/money are there any fees?

    We offer several deposit options for fiat/money country or region specific. Some of our global universal payment methods are Credit & Debit cards, Bank Wire, Interac transfer, PayPal & Skrill.

    Each payment methods have their own fees and are updated time to time. Therefore, it is always best to get a real time fees related updates at the time of deposit.

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    How long does it take to get started?

    It only takes a few hours to maximum of 24 hours. We just need a few documents, a few confirmations and your deposit & withdrawal methods and you’re all set.

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    Do I need to verify my KYC to enroll for this program?

    It is absolutely mandatory for you to verify your KYC documents in order to enroll for this program, this will turn out to be beneficial for you and for your funds security.

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    What if the market condition is unfavorable will I lose my investments?

    The best part of our program is that “You don’t lose any money” to explain this further, this is a low or zero risk program for you. Whether the market is at its peak or at the bottom, your funds are not affected by any means. That’s why we assign a dedicated broker to your account. It is the brokers duty to make the right move for you and as well as for the company. In the worst-case scenario your broker made a loss. Your investment will still remain exactly as it was, and you’re still entitled to get your fixed returns guaranteed every week, as per the legal contract that we provide at the time of enrollment.

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    Are my funds or assets locked or frozen from use?

    Your funds or assets are neither locked nor frozen, it will always remain under their respective wallets in case you change your mind you can simply withdraw your funds or assets and the program automatically terminates without any returns.

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    How or when can I withdraw my earnings?

    We offer several withdrawal methods such as a bank transfer, PayPal, and Skrill. You can withdraw at any time but keep in mind that every week on Friday is when your earnings are credited to your wallet, so it would be best to wait until then to withdraw.

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    How is Masscoinex benefiting from this program?

    Masscoinex only benefits when your weekly gains are more than your guaranteed return.

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    How long will this program remain active?

    For now, we have no plans to deactivate this program. If that ever becomes a possibility, we will inform all of our investors prior to making that decision so that you have the time to make a decision regarding your funds.

You can always reach out to our customer support representative through our live Chat Support available 24X7 or email us at intraweekmasscoinex.com